Rebelstar Tactical Command review


Here’s another gem.
It says Teen, but it’s actually not.

I was confused because the box said E10, but the cart said T. I looked up on the official ESRB website, which rates all of these, and it said E10.
My guess is is that they were going to make it Teen, but the rating E10 came out, and switched it to that, but the carts and the labels were already put together, so they kept it.

This game was overshadowed by Fire Emblem andAdvance Wars.
This is more of an isometric SRPG/TRPG.
You play as the rebels who are trying to save the earth from the Arelians. (which look like unoriginal aliens)
There is a skirmish mode, where you can play as the rebels, Arelians, Zorn, or the Fraylar. You can equip grenades, bazookas, flamethrowers, machine guns, knives, pistols, lasers, and rifles.

There is also multiplayer mode where you only need one cart and one Gameboy Advance.

Overall, 10/10.


DK King of Swing review


Here’s a nice gem.
Released late in the GBA’s lifespan, it didn’t do well.

You mainly use the L and R buttons. You go on pegs and jump to get to the end of the level. It’s harder than it looks.

There’s multiplayer where you only need one cartridge, mini games, like battling.

Overall, it’s a 9/10.


Juka and the Monophonic Menace review


I got this yesterday. It sounds stupid, but it’s actually very fun. You play as a young alchemist named Juka from the land of Obla, and he has to defeat the last of the Dark Alchemists (Alchemist Fight!). It’s basically isometric Legend of Zelda, with more potions.

It’s called an RPG, but it’s really more of an action adventure game.

It has pretty good graphics, a good story, good characters, and an interesting combat system.

Overall it’s 10/10.


Scurge Hive Review


This is one of my all time favorite games.

It’s an action RPG, and it was released in the later years of the GBA.

You play as a female bounty hunter, (not Samus Aran) who was tasked with salvaging a research lab. The lab was studying the Scurge, parasite aliens that can take over machines, energy forms, and creatures.

You have a meter showing what your level of infection is. You have to hurry to sick bays before you die.

You can level up, find new weapons, and get new types of energy shots.

This is a really, really good game. I recommend it a lot.



Rebelstar Tactical Command


Yes, it does say teen, but in fact the logo was a misprint.
The box says E10, so I checked the official ESRB website, looked it up, and it said that it was E10.

I’ll review it later, it’s just an update.


THPS2 GBA (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2)


This is my favorite game, along with Go Go Beckham.

This game is the best because you can free skate. Some of the levels are bigger than each other, and the bigger ones are my favorite. I spend a lot of time just riding around doing tricks.

This is a must need for long car trips. You can also play as Spider-Man!