UNO moo review


This is the best board game ever. I’m sure you’ve judged the picture now. It’s a preschooler game.
You’re right. However, it’s super fun. All of my friends who’ve played it are like, “this game is so fun!”
It’s because it’s a simplified game of UNO. Well, that’s the factor of it going really fast. What makes it fun is knocking the animals in. They advertise it being pushed in, but it ends up being violent. (Awesome sauce!) Everything fits inside the barn, and it even has a handle! Sweet!
You just match the colors basically to play.

Sonic Advance & Sonic Pinball Party for the GBA review

Hello all! Today I’m reviewing a GBA game! I just got it today. In the Sonic Advance part, it’s just platforming and with infinite replay value, the Tiny Chao Garden.

For a long time I thought the sprites looked messed up during Sonic’s running. However, it looks more realistic now that I see it up close.

The Tiny Chao Garden is awesome. It just is.

Sonic Pinball Party—————–

Just a pinball game, that’s all.

Tiny Chao garden is okay. It just doesn’t have an efficient ring source.