MegaMan Action Figures review!

This was one of my favorite things I got for Christmas!



There’s a Met, Rush the Dog, and MegaMan.

Megaman vs met 1


megaman vs. Met 2


So MegaMan can change his hands and head.


petting rush


And MegaMan loves Rush the Dog, duh!

overall score: automatically 5. No Cons, and you can see that it is 100 percent pros!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Hope you are having a good one!

The geeky loot I got- nothing else-

11 Doctors Minifigure Set

Sonic The Hedgehog Neon Plush Throw

Union Jack bandana and gloves


Megaman, Rush, and Met action figure set!!!!!!

Doctor Who- Touched By An Angel

Sega Genesis (Surprise!) Ultimate Portable Handheld Deluxe Sam’s Club Exclusive Version

Sonic T.H. Pajamas

So Sorry!

So sorry I’ve been gone so long! And askshadethehedgehog, I’m sorry. I’m very busy. A few things happened while I was “dead”.
– I got Motobug and the Sonic action figures.

– I got 3 Minecraft action figures: Enderman, Creeper, and Steve.

– I saw the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode in the theaters.

– I became a sonic generations modder, for music and HUD.

– I got really awesome mods, such as a Steve mod, a Doctor Who mod, and a Waluigi Stadium mod.

– I got a friend that’s a girl.

– I’ve thought of a new fan fiction. Let me finish the one I already am doing.

– I went to Las Vegas.

– I got a Tomy Gacha Metal Sonic.

-I got a Marty Mcfly hat, a Sonic Pen, 10th Doctor’s screwdriver, and a 3rd Doctor’s Screwdriver.

– I got a Silver Plush.

– I got a cute little turtle toy.

– I got William Shakespeare’s Star Wars book.

– I got a smurf minifigure.

That’s all I can tell you.

Expect to hear from me soon.