Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone for the GBC & GBA


This is primarily a Gameboy Color game, but it’s playable on the GBA.

Type of game:

RPG. This is a role playing game.

Story: Same story as the book and movies.

Battle system- it’s a good battle system. There’s a good chance that an enemy might attack you but you will take no damage. It’s nice. Most traditional RPGS are very unforgiving. There’s a very slim chance that you might dodge in games like Golden Sun.

You don’t need to level grind a lot. Some games you have to a lot.

I got this game at an awesome used video game store yesterday.

If I save up only 11 bucks, I can get 3 games!


Mario Tennis Power Tour for the GBA


This is an RPG combined with Tennis.

Yep. That’s right. You can level up, and you can go through an overworld.

The tennis is fun.

You can play as a girl, Ace, or as a boy, Clay.

I really like it.

Not much to say here.



Digimon Battle Spirit for the GBA


This is one of my favorite games. And I’ve got two of them. So I can play with friends.

It’s my portable equivalent to Brawl. It has nice sprites, but not so great music.

There’s a gimmick to this game. Instead of beating people (Digimon) to death, with a HP Box or a Health Bar, you fight your opponent and out comes some spheres. You (as P1) try to collect the Blue Spheres. The Digimon with the most at the end wins. There’s also something like a Smash Ball.

Calumon, a small Digimon with the ability to make a Digimon “Digivolve”, shows up in this game so you can Digivolve into a more powerful Digimon. However, you can’t be like that forever.

There’s these characters in the game:

Guilmon: a fire powered Dinosaur

Terriermon: a cute, small, bunny (terrier)

Renamon: a fox Digimon. Selfish at times.

Veemon: the main Digimon of Season 2. Likes sports.

Wormmon: a worm Digimon

Agumon: the main Digimon of the 1st season. A dinosaur.

Sukamon: a poop Digimon.

Black Agumon: a different version of Agumon. Has different attacks.

Lopmon: a bunny Digimon. Has ice powers. My favorite. Looks almost exactly the same as Terriermon

Gabumon: a dog, dinosaur, unicorn, whatever it is, he’s slow, but powerful.

Extra Agumon: has the same abilities as Agumon except for the fact that he can float, and Digivolves into a different Digimon than Agumon.

Impmon: probably the most powerful. He can’t Digivolve.

The two player mode is awesome. You can fight your friends.



Duck Maul (Donald Duck as Darth Maul)


Before I went on a cruise last week, I was in Downtown Disney (not Disneyland), I saw something that I had to get, as this ain’t showing up in Walmart for sure.

It’s Donald Duck as Darth Maul!

I really like the robe. Instead of plastic, like almost all action figures are doing, they used cloth. Fabric.

The articulation is pretty good. Both feet are one piece, which I personally like and dislike at the same time. It keeps him up easier, but it’s not as pose-able. The hands can swivel, and hold the Lightsaber. The sculpt is fantastic.

This is a absolute must have for a die hard Disney collector because Disney now owns Star Wars, or a person open to quirky things. (Me)

This is a perfect score action figure. 10/10.