TLOZ- Oracle of Ages Manga


Here’s a nice graphic novel.

It’s backwards, too.

The story is is Link gets out of a colliseum, and learns from Zelda’s (over overweight) servant that he needs to find the Nayru, the oracle of ages.

It turns out that Impa was possessed by Veran, who then possessed Nayru. Ralph comes, and it doesn’t start out good, but Link travels back in time and meets his ancestor, Raven.

He then has to save his ancestor, and himself.


Mother 3 review


This is a masterpiece.

Really, it is.

It’s funny, strange, weird, and sad.

The story’s amazing, so I won’t spoil it for you.

Look it up on Wikipedia.

Overall, 10/10


Gamago Gameboy Timer review


I also got this at Half Price Books.

It’s really awesome!

I have two uses for it:

For my game based on Harvest Moon in the land of the characters I’ve created (Airelka)

2. Recently, I’ve been cooking. It’s pretty awesome. Sometimes I go back to my room, but I can’t stay long. This’ll tell me how long I actually need to stay.

It’s really cool.

Overall, 5/5


Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town review

Here is my favorite game. No doubt about it.

It’s a simulation game, where you play as a kid who met an old farmer and stayed on a farm.

The kid, now older, came to the farm to find out the old farmer had passed. Apparently, his will said the farm was for you!

You can mine, farm, get married, buy things, go to events, have animals, and do ALL sorts of things. Replay value in this game could possibly be endless. It comes from repetition. Water plants, feed animals, ect.

There are four months. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Each with 30 days.

There are events on many days.

Overall this is an amazing game.



Famicom Mini Balloon Fight


Here’s a game with a premise like Flappy Bird. But this came way, way, way before Flappy Bird.

There are two modes: Balloon Fight and Balloon Trip. Balloon Fight is where you have two balloons and you’re trying to pop the other character’s balloons.

The other mode is more like Flappy Bird, and you are trying to avoid obstacles.

Overall, 4/5


Advance Wars notif


I was at an awesome store called Half Price Books a little while ago, and found a killer deal on Advance Wars! On eBay, and even amazon, it’s not very cheap. About $20 for it alone. However, I got it for $10!!!!

It’s a great game, but I’m not in it enough to do a review, yet.


Rebelstar Tactical Command review


Here’s another gem.
It says Teen, but it’s actually not.

I was confused because the box said E10, but the cart said T. I looked up on the official ESRB website, which rates all of these, and it said E10.
My guess is is that they were going to make it Teen, but the rating E10 came out, and switched it to that, but the carts and the labels were already put together, so they kept it.

This game was overshadowed by Fire Emblem andAdvance Wars.
This is more of an isometric SRPG/TRPG.
You play as the rebels who are trying to save the earth from the Arelians. (which look like unoriginal aliens)
There is a skirmish mode, where you can play as the rebels, Arelians, Zorn, or the Fraylar. You can equip grenades, bazookas, flamethrowers, machine guns, knives, pistols, lasers, and rifles.

There is also multiplayer mode where you only need one cart and one Gameboy Advance.

Overall, 10/10.


DK King of Swing review


Here’s a nice gem.
Released late in the GBA’s lifespan, it didn’t do well.

You mainly use the L and R buttons. You go on pegs and jump to get to the end of the level. It’s harder than it looks.

There’s multiplayer where you only need one cartridge, mini games, like battling.

Overall, it’s a 9/10.


Juka and the Monophonic Menace review


I got this yesterday. It sounds stupid, but it’s actually very fun. You play as a young alchemist named Juka from the land of Obla, and he has to defeat the last of the Dark Alchemists (Alchemist Fight!). It’s basically isometric Legend of Zelda, with more potions.

It’s called an RPG, but it’s really more of an action adventure game.

It has pretty good graphics, a good story, good characters, and an interesting combat system.

Overall it’s 10/10.