First Goomba Appreciation Day

Gaijin Goomba, an awesome Game Theorist, has declared today that today is the first Goomba Appreciation Day. for all of the Goombas, I present to you:
My apology.

I’ve killed Goombas in Galaxy 1 and Galaxy 2, and many others. I understand that you have families, and that Mario just kills you for points. From this day out, I will not kill Goombas.

Web comic panel series!

I just got an idea (not from my stomach)
for a web comic- 1 panel per part. No continuity- and maybe I’ll do 3 panel- I’m not sure…
Hot Dog
-a red, flaming dog
-his brother is Molten Hot Dog

Molten Hot Dog
-an orange, flaming dog
-Hot Dog’s brother

Myrtle the Turtle:
-a turtle

-always happy
-half anime kitty, half unicorn
-can shoot rainbow rockets

An unnamed hippo- (I’ll need help naming him)

-has flower designs
-is very slippery
-he’s made of soapstone

Motobug 47:
-a ladybug with a wheel
-smart only because he’s a robot
-deadly, but nice

Met 42:
-Doesn’t know the meaning of life
-although shy, energetic

-silver leaves

Jeffrey T. Oinker:
-a very powerful pig
-snorts all the time
-likes carrots

And the reason I’m doing this is because all of these are about a 3 inch scale, my favorite type of figures. I can even tell if it doesn’t tell me.
The name is- 3 inch Mayhem!