Scurge Hive Review


This is one of my all time favorite games.

It’s an action RPG, and it was released in the later years of the GBA.

You play as a female bounty hunter, (not Samus Aran) who was tasked with salvaging a research lab. The lab was studying the Scurge, parasite aliens that can take over machines, energy forms, and creatures.

You have a meter showing what your level of infection is. You have to hurry to sick bays before you die.

You can level up, find new weapons, and get new types of energy shots.

This is a really, really good game. I recommend it a lot.



Rebelstar Tactical Command


Yes, it does say teen, but in fact the logo was a misprint.
The box says E10, so I checked the official ESRB website, looked it up, and it said that it was E10.

I’ll review it later, it’s just an update.


THPS2 GBA (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2)


This is my favorite game, along with Go Go Beckham.

This game is the best because you can free skate. Some of the levels are bigger than each other, and the bigger ones are my favorite. I spend a lot of time just riding around doing tricks.

This is a must need for long car trips. You can also play as Spider-Man!


Super Monkeyball Jr review


This game has the best graphics on the GBA. Period. In fact, the graphics are so good for the GBA, that the devs went out of business! This game is really fun, too!

It’s fun, better on an actual GBA.



Go! Go! Beckham! Review


This game sounds stupid, but in reality, it’s a really fun soccer platformer. (It’s only in Europe) You play as David Beckham, and you try to stop Mr. Woe. In order to progress through the levels, you need to kick the ball. It’s really fun, try it out on emulators.