Duck Maul (Donald Duck as Darth Maul)


Before I went on a cruise last week, I was in Downtown Disney (not Disneyland), I saw something that I had to get, as this ain’t showing up in Walmart for sure.

It’s Donald Duck as Darth Maul!

I really like the robe. Instead of plastic, like almost all action figures are doing, they used cloth. Fabric.

The articulation is pretty good. Both feet are one piece, which I personally like and dislike at the same time. It keeps him up easier, but it’s not as pose-able. The hands can swivel, and hold the Lightsaber. The sculpt is fantastic.

This is a absolute must have for a die hard Disney collector because Disney now owns Star Wars, or a person open to quirky things. (Me)

This is a perfect score action figure. 10/10.


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