Kingdom Hearts- Chain of Memories GBA


I got this at a store called Fun Unlimited a little while ago.

Since then I’ve beaten most of it. I spent quite a few hours on it.

The hero is ranking on my top 5 list of videogames’ best swordsmen.

It’s basically a Final Fantasy and Disney crossover. It seems weird, but it’s so addicting!

In this game, Sora finds a castle called Castle Oblivion.

Inside, Goofy, Donald, Jimminy Cricket, and Sora think that King Mickey and Riku ( Sora’s best friend)
are in the castle. They think it’s a coincidence about it at first until Jimminy Cricket says he thought it too.

A cloaked person appears. Donald tries using magic on the cloaked person. It doesn’t work.

The cloaked person says they forgot their abilities. He gives Sora cards so he can use his powers.

He goes throughout the realms of Disney, and starts to forget things. He remembers a girl that used to live on the island he lived on. (Later to be found out it is not true) He has to fight Riku and a group called: The Organization.

Gameplay- for an isometric game, there’s a good sense of direction.
The battles are card based. I personally like it.

Graphics- good, but with the best graphics of all time on the GBA.
It has some Full Motion Video cutscenes. I’ve seen a comparison between those cutscenes and the PS2 remake. The GBA version has about the same graphics as the PS2 version.

Music- not as good as Golden Sun, but pretty good.

Story- 2nd best in my opinion on the GBA.

Overall, a perfect 10/10 from me.


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