World of destruction- arc 1

“We’re landing. Get out here.” Jack found land. His group all went: “We thought there wasn’t any land!” “I thought too. So you better look now or you’ll never believe me.” “Land? Oh! There’s a village!” Ducky came in. “We’re landing. Be careful.” CRASH! “I think there’s someone around here…” A rare, rare, rare hybrid Mobian was crying. “Are you all right? You better get up.” “I’m Dayne, a Firefox.” “I can help you. Come with me.”

“My family… Killed…”

“Do you have a brother?”

“One. I really don’t know where he is. His name is Devan. He’s an unknown species…”

“Come along.”

Just then, Devablaster appeared.


“You will not speak to me. Where is Jack?”

“You’ll get what you want, and, you are Devablaster? Childish.”

“I prefer being called that. Ow!”

“That’s right. I slashed you.”

“I’ll leave. Dayne, come.”

“No! You did this destruction? I’m going with Jack!”

“Very well. I’ll leave the final fight for another time.”

Ducky, Maxine, and Rory were called down. Devablaster left some of his minions. Rory had a talent for wrestling, and took down the weakest. Maxine had to use her iceblades.

“Take that!”

Dayne had been using flame axes, a axe in the design of a fox. Ducky had to call Kat up, along with Rory.

Jack finished them off. “Sorry for you.”

They went back to the ship.


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