Last try on fanfiction

“I used Ultimate Chaos Control.” A monkey koala hybrid asked him where the hedgehog’s current adventure began. “My girl, my friend- gone. The world was being destroyed. They had to be safe, from where we came from.” A flame like image of a hedgehog appeared in Jack’s hand. ” I took my belongings- a hook shot, a gun, my sword, some shoes, and armor. I found a ship, a flying boat, the one we’re in, and hi jacked it.” A unicorn cat hybrid then asked, “Who’d you meet first?” “Ducky here. On my ship, I scanned Mobius of gifted children. I picked up Ducky, and had a conversation with him. I said I created him. Didn’t take it well. I had to finally convince him. I knew everything about him, so he finally came with me.”

“Yep. He knew my darkest secret- I’m not telling you.” Ducky added in.

“I found this stutterer- Maxine. She has powers of ice, I tell you. Had to take her in. I then found Rory, a tiger, who has brain that you couldn’t comprehend. Later I found Kat, a unicat.”

“Thanks. My story- I was an outcast- and so happened to be at the top of a mountain. I had my workshop there, and sent an intercom to Jack, warning him about fog. He went down and landed. I’m a mechanic, here to help you.” Kat said.

“Hi, I’m a hacker.” Rory simply said.

Jack thought, “Heh. That’s why I chose him.”

Maxine said nothing.

“You can go and eat dinner now.” Jack announced.

It was then night, and Jack was standing on the deck. “Rory, how’s it doing?” “I’ll need to sleep, okay?” “Fine.”

Jack saw a ship in the distance. He quickly got his claw shot, and landed on deck. “Anyone here?” Volcano minions came. “Hail Devablaster…” “No.” He didn’t think, slashed and destroyed all of those minions. “You dare?” He got his claw shot again and went over to the ship.

“My team better survive this world… Of cruelty- and nothing.


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