Unikitty: The Happy Kitty Unicorn


I’m doing a chain of reviews today. I ordered this after legoland, because I didn’t get anything there. It was supposed to come on this Tuesday, however it came earlier, so I’m doing reviews of things I missed.

This Unikitty is awesome. It’s a keychain flashlight, but I don’t wanna use it as a keychain, as many cool keychains get lost. Also, a lot of them are better as toys. The horn lights up, and it’s very bright. You touch the face (the middle) and it lights up. There’s no button, it has a heat sensor, which is neat. It’s head swivels. Please note: this won’t stick on Lego, and it doesn’t come apart. I’m fine with it, though. Very accurate, and that makes it cool. (Cute!) Unikitty was a great character in The Lego Movie. It was the best movie I’ve seen in a long time, plus, on rotten tomatoes, 96% of critics liked it (more than Frozen) and 92% of regular people liked it. That’s a record. For a movie like that, you’d think not so great. I really like this, so, I’m giving it a 10 out of 10.


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