New fanfiction: British Hot Dog

You all know I like British things. And that Hot Dog is the mascot of this blog. What about combining those?

Pt 1 Prologue

There was once an otherworldly dimension called the Skylands. There were 3 Hot Dogs. Fire bone Hot Dog,
Molten Hot Dog, and Hot Dog. In a pocket universe, where Earth and Skylands meet, is another Hot Dog, one from that universe’s who is British.

“Aye, mate!” said a young… Dog’s voice. Everyone knew Hot Dog. He wasn’t a celebrity, but lots of people liked him around the world. “Oops! Dropped my present!” Another… Otherworldly creature was a Mobian who somehow came into this universe- SkyEarthLands prime. Her name was Maxine- she is a monkey-koala hybrid. She and Hot Dog were good friends, despite Maxine being one who stutters. “Aye Maxine!” “Hi- ho-ww are y-ou do-ing?” “I’m fine! Got you this little Lego compatible version of me!” “It-s cu-te… Looks ex-act-ly like y-ou…” “Maxine! Not a time to get nervous! I’m sorry, mate, but I got to go! Toodooloo!” Little did Hot Dog know that the worst was yet to happen- crustal plates were being shifted.


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