British Hot Dog pt 2 and pt 3

Pt 2 The Meeting

A rumble began. “Whoa! Blimey! That’s intense!” Hot Dog ran to his plane, and brought Maxine with him. “Wha-t-s ha-pp-en-in-g?” “Crustal shift, mate.” “Tha-ts no-t go-od…” “No, it’s not. We gotta see what all this ruckus is!” They flew above Britain, and saw that continents have been lifted. “Is that a landing area inside the Earth? Blimey!” They went to the landing area, and went inside the pueblo like civilization. He stopped by a prison. Flynn, the helper outer of the skylanders, was fining… Another Mobian. “That’s a lot of money you have to have. Purposeful other dimension jumping, and universe jumping. That will be 99999999 credits. “Hey, you, can you help me out?” It was Jack the Hedgehog. Maxine said, “Let him ou-t! “Oh fine, for the lady. You are free to go.” “Thanks! Whew! Those energy restraints really hurt! Jack the Hedgehog, at your service.” “You’re a nice bloke.” “Oh, you’re Hot Dog! The Skylander! A British one at that!” “Yes. I am British. Do you want to go to my villa? “Sure.” Hot Dog then thought, “How come I’ve never been here? All the other Skylanders are here!” Flynn knew what he was thinking. “The elite Skylanders go here.” Jack then talked to Hot Dog. “Thanks. Here is a charm that will let you do the Fire Rush. I stole it from the All-Skylander charms board. It’s for the elite ones, but I knew you were going to save me.” It was a good thing Flynn already left. “You are a thief?! Blimey!” “I’m not a thief. It’s not my job. How’d you get down here?” “Plane.” “We need to get outa here, now! Before anyone spots us!” “You’re American, aren’t you?” “I have an intresting past. Lets go!” “Ok!”

Pt 3 the Attack

They went flying, and stopped at the villa, their soon to come base. “I have some rooms available, Maxine, can you show him the guest room?” “I’m going to be staying here for awhile, actually. I’m not full of credits, pounds, dollars, yen, rupees, or anything!” “Ok! I’ll let you stay, only because you got me the charm! Blimey!” “Ok.” “You will get a bedroom. Which one?” “The one closest to the inside.” “Okay, can you show him where it is? Maxine?” “Is she your slave?” “No, of course not! We’re just good friends!” “I’ll show myself.” He went through the villa, and looked at his bedroom, and thought it was nice. He left a note saying: “I’m going to test out my top speed. It should work along with my sword.” He jumped out the window, and ran. As soon as that happened, Frost Dogs appeared. Hot Dog yelled, “Maxine! Hurry! Some counterparts of me!” “Ahhh!” “We gotta get Jack!” “He left a note a-bout some-thing… About a swo-rd, and run-ning…” “Oh, Blimey! We could use him now! We gotta find him! Maxine, go into the cellars! I’m going to have to go fast!” He rushed using his fire rush, avoiding obstacles. “Oh no.” Hot Dog saw a cliff.


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