Fanfiction: jack the hedgehog

“Whew!” Those were the words that Jack said after rocketing down to Mobius. “My scanner shows Becca… She looks pretty good as a hedgehog! And, she’s been waiting for me… Hmm… Gotta get to back to my senses! I’m droozy… Ehhh…” He fell down to Mobius, until he caught himself. “Oh, look! It’s Becca! Hi!” “Oh, hi Jack!” Becca yelled. “How’s it going?” “Good. Went on a little adventure!” “That’s healthy… Anyways, where’s Daniel?” “I dunno.”

“Any strange things going on?”

“At least a few rumbles.”

“That’s not good.”

“We’re not sure yet.”

Jack went down, spun around Becca, and landed.


“So, Jack, what evil have you been facing?”

“Metal Sonic. Not sure I’d like to talk about it, though.”



“Oh, okay.”

Jack and Becca went walking to the nearby city. On their way, they found an abandoned spaceship.

“NC-01… That’s… The original Enterprise! I bet one day, we can travel the stars.”

It became night, and Jack and Becca pitched up a tent. Jack’s shoes have a function to spit out a sleeping bag, as well as a snowboard. He got the sleeping bag, gave one to Becca, and called it a night.

Next time…

The next day, they found a monkoala named Maxine.
They set out to find Daniel, instead of the nearest city.


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