Universe Adventure

This is my fanfiction. Not the one I was wanting to do but I’ll start with the end.

Part 1 The Road to the Fountain of All

Steve had been walking with his friends, Myrtle the Turtle, an earth creature, with magical biting abilities, Met, a robot that was reverse engineered, to be good, by Dr.Light, Motobug, a Motobug that went rogue, was Sonic’s best pal, next to Tails. There was Chikorita, a Pokémon, had been infused with silver. Hot Dog, the starter of the adventure, and the leader of the group.

They were trolling all the monsters on their way. Until they reached the Fountain of All.

Sonic, who was brainwashed , along with MegaMan, Rush, The Doctor, and Dewott. They were brainwashed by an unknown being. They proceeded to the fountain , and started to fight. Hot Dog, Met, Chikorita, Motobug, Steve, and Myrtle lost. Little did they know they needed- Jeffrey the Ultimate Pig.


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