Blogstars- 2013-early 2014


These are my all time favorite things I’ve featured on my blog. Either today, yesterday, or last year, these are the blog stars.

Doctor Whooves- a spoof of Doctor Who, specifically the Tenth Doctor, is a nice vinyl figure. I got the red tie variant, which is a detail that is very cool.

Titans Tenth Doctor- I got it yesterday, and it is very very accurate. I got it at the best comic book shop.

Funko Pop! Sonic vinyl figure- I nice figure I got for Christmas. Head can move, and looks very nice on a shelf.

MegaMan- a four inch action figure with interchangeable parts. A very nice action figure indeed.

Monkey- I’ve had this since early 2013, but it just went on my blog today. It is an awesome Lego figure.

Turtle- it is a nice little figure, and that’s about all to it.

Tomy Gacha Metal Sonic- it is the most accurate figure in the batch of the other ones in the series. Has a awesome pose, too. A nice edition to my collection.

Rush the Robot Dog-
A very cute action figure, it goes great with Hot Dog because they both stick out their tongues.

Motobug- gave me the mascot of the site, Motobug the Ultimate Life Form. Has no moving wheel, which is fine with me. Probably one of my faves.

Creeper- a thing from Minecraft, and is pretty nice. I got it for my B-day.

Hot Dog- a nice little minifigure. I just really like it.

Met- a nice action figure, made Motobughelperinator say: dang it! Because he created an alien race called poochies, which look almost exactly like it.

That’s all!


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