Tennant vinyl figure!!!


I’d recommend if AND only if you listen to this on your computer while reading. If its android, iPhone, iPad, or something, it’ll just redirect you.

I got this at the best comic book shop in the world, (BTW, this was blind boxed) and it wasn’t in its box. It was for sale, without the box. One guy who I really like works there and told me: ” we try to do that. It lets customers know what they are getting so they can be happier!”

I like that idea. Charge the same price, and people will get it. Have blind bag, most people will refrain. The other ones were the fifth doctor, Peter Davison, the first doctor, William Hartnell, and the eleventh doctor, Matt Smith. But naturally it would be Tennant. My first doctor, (whaaa?! It isn’t the eleventh? Well I started watching it on Netflix, so Smith isn’t. I think Smith’s character is too overrated, and I think his character is insane.) Tennant, is the best. I have ADHD and the Tenth Doctor seems to be most like me. : ) anyways, this is more accurate than that one minifigure I got for Christmas. By a long shot. It may not be the right shape body, the details are PITCH PERFECT. The blue coat. The brown jacket. The red Converse shoes! The HAIR. The face. The screwdriver. I love it. The head can swivel, the screwdriver is cool ( and can be lost easily [a -1] : ( ] his arms can move, kinda like a Lego minifigure. The bottom feet have a TARDIS and BBC logo. Most toys don’t have the logo of the creator! Most just say: Trade mark of Spin Master. Etc. Then it says: made in china. But it’s on it’s feet, so it’s not bad at all. You want it standing up. Very good toy. More of a “toy” because it is mainly rubber, like a rubber ducky. That’s not the case with the arms ‘tho. I rate it 10/10 because I am happy with my purchase, and I love it. I won’t be getting a David Tennant action figure yet, it is back ordered and the date was pushed back. Sucks. But this will do good!


15 comments on “Tennant vinyl figure!!!

  1. That guy is definitely excited about the figure! Hope he enjoys it for a long time. Is this what you like to put on your blog?

  2. I must agree with you on all accounts… especially the HAIR!! David Tennant is my favorite Doctor as well and if you are anything like him, you must be fabulous! (Plus, I know your parents and they were pretty cool back in the day, so you must be amazing…) I also like his eyebrows as they add to Tennant’s emotive ability.
    The camera station is great and an article on how you set things up would be neat to read. (Tell your mom that cleaning the bathroom is overrated– you’ll just mess it up right away anyway!)

    I look forward to reading more of your stuff– especially all things Doctor Who– in the future.

  3. I think your Tennant figure was a great purchase. Well worth the money you paid. I love your photo station. How about another pic in profile?

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