N64 logo 3D Print

Hello all, I plan on sometime going to this place with a 3D printer and printing a N64 logo. Why the N64? I’ve really only played Mario Kart 64 on the virtual console on the Wii, played .00000000001 of Ocarina of Time 3D, and got a mod on Sonic Generations of Peach’s Castle from Super Mario 64. But I love the graphics. But there’s better graphics now! I don’t care. My heart remains in the GameCube and a bit in the N64. A little flat in some places, and so on. I never really grew up with the N64 or Dreamcast. Although the Dreamcast is awesome. Sanic Addventua 1 &2! I might paint it. It will be green or blue if I don’t paint it. I grew up with the GameBoy Advance, and GameCube. My mom gave away the GameCube, but we kept the controllers and games. How
awesome it was when we got the Wii and I found out I could
play Sonic Adventure DX! I beat the game last year! : ) so
you see why I want the N64 logo now.


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