Okay, I kept on pressing the photo, and the only way to get out is to press cancel, which deletes the post! You better listen to me WordPress!

This I got for Christmas.

1st doctor- okay sculpt

2nd doctor- kinda failing sculpt

3rd doctor- I couldn’t find him with green suit on Images, but head is okay.

4th doctor- had the iconic scarf- head has a curvy sculpt- not right.

5th doctor- VERY ACCURATE!

6th doctor- missing a lot of details.

7th doctor- the pants- they forgot to put plaid! This is a British company! How could they forget it?!!

8th doctor- head is WAY too skinny. The hair and coat is pretty good though.

9th doctor- very accurate. He is a very simple design compared to the other doctors, which might be why.

10th doctor- this is my fave out of the bunch, although there are some things to say. No big trench coat, suit is SUPPOSED TO BE BLUE, but is black. Hair is a bit wrong though. But is my favorite.

11th doctor- the eyes are very weird- green for the whites of the eyes. : / has a bow tie. There is a new one with him in a fez, hopefully I can get it.

I got through it! Yay!
10/10 just because of the 10th Doctor.

The brand is Character Options, subdivision Character Building.


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