So Sorry!

So sorry I’ve been gone so long! And askshadethehedgehog, I’m sorry. I’m very busy. A few things happened while I was “dead”.
– I got Motobug and the Sonic action figures.

– I got 3 Minecraft action figures: Enderman, Creeper, and Steve.

– I saw the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode in the theaters.

– I became a sonic generations modder, for music and HUD.

– I got really awesome mods, such as a Steve mod, a Doctor Who mod, and a Waluigi Stadium mod.

– I got a friend that’s a girl.

– I’ve thought of a new fan fiction. Let me finish the one I already am doing.

– I went to Las Vegas.

– I got a Tomy Gacha Metal Sonic.

-I got a Marty Mcfly hat, a Sonic Pen, 10th Doctor’s screwdriver, and a 3rd Doctor’s Screwdriver.

– I got a Silver Plush.

– I got a cute little turtle toy.

– I got William Shakespeare’s Star Wars book.

– I got a smurf minifigure.

That’s all I can tell you.

Expect to hear from me soon.


One comment on “So Sorry!

  1. Wow – I’m impressed! You’ve REALLY been busy. And look at all that loot you’ve gathered! You’ve had a productive “time off!” Your fans will be anxiously awaiting to hear more. 👵

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