Sonic Doctor Who Xover part 7

In the TARDIS Tails was sleeping. Even though he was 16 he still was very childish, well, made Sonic and Sally real comfortable by just remembering the past. It was just coming to Tails that Plague was a paradox maker. He woke up, ran to Blaze, Silver and Silver, and The Doctor. “I figured it out! Well, at least the TARDIS told me. The Plague is a paradox maker!” Motobug sprang up. “I’ve been trying to tell you that-…..” Tails continued- “He destroyed Silvers’ times and never killed Sonic! But he will kill Sonic soon!”
“Then we obviously need the World Rings! Everyone! Get around the timey- wimey wibbly- wobbly stuff! But I’m sure you don’t know what that means.” Everyone laughed.
“Moto, here’s a hover board. Tails, here’s your Rhythm Badge. I got it for you. Silver, here’s a ring storing device.
Silver the Human, you got this. Blaze, here’s a flame necklace. It will let you fly and create fireballs. As for me, I have a Sonic Screwdriver. Now lets go kickin’ $&@ fast!” “That was a bad reference.” Said Silver.

Everyone just fainted.


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