Sonic Doctor Who Xover part 5

They came to a…..hell. Or At least it seemed liked it. “Oh look! It’s a Time Stone! Just then- someone- who looked incredibly like Silver- but human. He had a cloak, which seemed like it has been in battle. He held a scepter- which had all the Time Stones. But one. He went behind Silver, and said, “IT’S NO USE!” “Hey- that’s my tag line! Wait- I’m Silver the Hedgehog, and you are–”
“Silver. I am the guardian of the Kronos Emeralds. You are my… counterpart? Tell me, what brings you here?” The human Silver had a low, quiet voice. Sorta like Emil from Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World, when he isn’t angry.
Silver the Hedgehog asked if he could come, and Silver the Human asked if his girlfriend Blaze could come. Silver thought he recognized Blaze… just vaguely… The Doctor explained that all counterparts of you have some memories that are the same- The Doctor said- ” There is another counterpart of you that got caught in a paradox. Blaze was your girlfriend, always thought you were naive- but she likes that about you. Sadly she sacrificed herself to Iblis- which restored the city. Talking too much!” Silver the Human grabbed his cloak and stated: “I always thought I was naive when I was ten-twenty years old. I’m 23 right now. Just ask Blaze. Was I naive back then?” Blaze snickered, and said “nope! I’ve been with you all my life!” They all went in the TARDIS just for a little green killer ladybug with Excalibur snuck in…
Then a roar that sounded like people were dying- made everything rumble- caused the travelers and the guest to come out…..


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