STH Doctor Who Xover

I will start typing my own fan fiction.Silver the Hedgehog will meet the tenth incarnation of the Doctor.Starting now! I am silver the hedgehog. A little while ago I met one named The Doctor. He said that he had the answer to why my world is ruined.”My world is still living in despair, and chaos. How could I save this world?” Just then silver saw a blue box. He flew over, saw a man, and went down atop the destroyed building. Silver asked who the man was, and The Doctor said, “Oh, it must be another mobian. I met a young fox awhile back. Anyway, I’m THE Doctor. doctor” got it? Well I know the cause of mobius’s ruin. In fact, I know for sure. His name is The Plague. He comes from awhile back, and he killed almost everyone. Including Sonic.” Silver interrupted, “How do you know sonic? Well, who cares. But just let me at him!” The Doctor replied, I can let you. You have great power, but your IQ is low. But first, I must show you in other points of time. Know anything about time travel? Then, silver replied by saying, yep! end of chapter 1 disclaimer: I do not own doctor who. It belongs to BBC. The storyline of silver’s thoughts is from the Archie comics continuity.


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