STH Doctor Who Xover part 2

The Doctor looked surprised. Like, he ACTUALLY WAS! Silver, telling him all about it, decided it was time to get rid of his grievance once and for all. “Doctor, may I come?” “Obviously. You are the only one with this much power.”
the Doctor said. “Great! Let me go tell Mogul that I found the answer!” “Sure sure. Now that I’m thinking about it, you defy the law of physics. OH NO! Phyyyyysiccs physics physssssics! Gosh, I remember that!” But Silver had already went to Mogul. He came back with a supply of power rings, and off they went. A black powder went by…….
Silver was looking around the TARDIS, where he found many rooms. And he saw one with… Tails! He woke Tails up, and rushed by with him. “Uhhhhhghhh…. I’m tired… “TAILS! LOOK AT THIS FUTURE!” Screamed Silver. Whoa! Was Tails’s obvious reply. The Doctor explained how Tails was his companion for awhile. He said he picked him up to be a companion once more. “Tails has an incredibly high IQ” said The Doctor. So after Silver went through the TARDIS, Tails and The Doctor flew the TARDIS all around time and space.


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