Sonic Doctor Who Xover part 3

Inside the TARDIS, Silver, The Doctor, and Tails were talking. The Doctor said, “The creature, a Mobianized Gaia Plageus, is very powerful. I encountered another devil, but it was quite dumb.
This creature, however, is very smart.
And Tails gathered some information on highly advanced Gaia Plageuses. Apparently, they can only be defeated by legend, that you need the Sol Emeralds, the Chaos Emeralds, and the Kronos Emeralds. That is great for us.
What is not great, however, is when he is perfect. Perfect Black Plague. Has a nice ring to it. But we would need to find a way to access fairy tale worlds, which Sonic has been to both. We need Galahad’s sword, Silver, he is your counterpart. You MUST face him alone. We will also need Gawain’s swords, Percival’s sword, Lamorak’s swords, Lancelot’s sword, and Caliburn, which will make the final form of Excalibur- little known Timecalibur. I said too much, didn’t I?” Yep! He did. The Doctor kept on going. ” WHAT’S MORE, is that we need the seven world rings. More on that later.”


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