Sonic Doctor Who Xover part 4

“Now before I go, correction- WE go, Silver, where do you think the Kronos Emeralds are?”
Silver replied, “I prefer to call them Time Stones. Obvious. It’s Little Planet, doh! It’s no use trying to fool me!”
A long silence came up……
The Doctor replied, “Actually, that was true. But your human counterpart from when one Mobius timeline met the human world, became one, and there he was the paladin of the Time Stones. His world, has much more destroyed things, and heck, some of the WORLD IS DESTROYED! Like the crust! Oh, lookie there! It’s Tails! What info do you have this time?” The Doctor’s eyes appeared to Silver as a sign of fondness of Tails. “Uhmmm, Tails, why do you look older now?” Silver interrupted. Tails answered The Doctor’s question first. “T-thi-isss the w-w-week that…” “What?” asked The Doctor. Tails blurted it all out! ” SONIC WILL DIE THIS WEEK!” Silver also added in that if he died, Plague will wipe out the entire universe. But then Tails and Silver looked at The Doctor. “How could I still be alive if he ravished the universe? Is it a paradox?”
The Doctor answered Silver’s previous answer first. “Well, Tails is 16 now which means that Sonic is 23. Also, it’s not a time paradox. It’s simple. The whole world is destroyed, which your ancestors built a circular field around the most intact city. The field forced the city into another dimension. But, we must meet your human counterpart!


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